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You are more than welcomed visiting Mold Wang Precision Co., Ltd.
Mold Wang (MW) Precision was founded in Taiwan. The company specializes in mold making and plastic injection molding. It has established experience in reducing/preventing deficiency during production. The RD team is gathered with well trained designing engineers. Our on site tooling engineering team leaders all with more than 10-15 years experiences for various kind of tool fabrication. Further more, MW Precision also focuses on product quality, reasonable pricing, and on-time delivery. Our staff is committed to manufacture quality molds and products on time and at competitive prices. Our success has been achieved by combination of ideal designing, advanced equipment, and experienced, well-trained on site staff. These elements work together to accomplish our goal: Customer satisfaction.

MW Precision’s primary business activities are the design and development of plastic molds, as well as injection molding of plastic parts that are used in different fields, such as 3C components and housings, automotive, medical and household appliances

Our international trading department provides complete trading services worldwide. We offer products and services in reasonable pricing that other companies simply can't match.

MW Precision provides top quality and complete molding /tooling consultancy for all types of plastic manufacturing companies around the world. Our procedure, production, project engineering, and management experience guarantees that we provide uncompromising services to the plastic manufacturing companies. MW Precision will help our clients to succeed in the global business competition with our accumulated engineering expertise.
No matter the clients are starting a new project, expanding existing business, or simply improving the current supply chain/tool vendor; MW Precision is well prepared to assist our customers. We have great international experiences and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

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